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Owned and operated since mid 2002 by Wayne Shapiro, Trivia Madness has brought fun and light entertainment to thousands of people. Whether presented by Wayne himself, or by one of our range of knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining hosts, Trivia Madness uses fun and interactive quizzes to bring business to an ordinarily slow night at the pub or club, or to entertain a corporate function for your business. With a range of tailor made quizzes to suit all audiences, we have every event covered, whether it be a birthday party, fundraisers, company social club or weekly pub trivia night.

Trivia Madness does not just roll out a 'database quiz' on each occasion. Each quiz is written specifically to suit the audience, so that everyone can participate. Even those who don't consider themselves 'trivia buffs', will be pleasantly surprised at the wide range of audience friendly questions, whether they be sport, entertainment, music, history, science, politics or current affairs. The great thing about Trivia Madness is that, unlike many other quizzes, you don't have to be a genius to have a chance of winning or having a good time, and it's a great way to compete with your friends or work colleagues in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our hosts are attentive to the needs of participants and have a strong commitment to customer service. They ensure everyone gets involved so that it is an entertaining and enjoyable night for everyone.

Trivia Madness organises everything so you can relax and be guaranteed that the event will run smoothly. We provide an entertaining host who will bring their own sound equipment, along with their enthusiastic attitude to create a fun environment for all participants. The only thing you have to decide on is the prizes. It is in this area that we can also help you work out what would be the best fit for your particular audience. Each team member need only bring brain power and a sense of fun. All pens and answer sheets for each round are provided by the host.

- each quiz consists of a number of rounds of a number of questions (depends on time constraints, etc)
- picture pages, audio questions, written activities
- spot prizes
- jackpots for weekly events
- interactive activities to get people off their seats and participating

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